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Who am I

I am Eric D Brown

What defines me.

I care for people, especially those who find themselves facing life on their own.   Whether they are independent, the head of a household, need a sounding board, a divorced or widowed person, or have always been proudly single.

I am compassionate and passionate.   I am educated and intelligent.   I listen and learn.   I consume information and effectively put that information into perspective so that actions can be taken by myself and others.

I care deeply for those in the LGBT Community and those who are vulnerable to scams, attacks, and harm.

I am well versed in financial and economic issues, personal financial planning, managing a business and planning for the exiting from a business.  I have significant experience running a business, leading a chamber of commerce, and starting and growing non-profit organizations.

I enjoy playing the violin, singing in groups, listening to people, conversing, and even debating concepts and strategies.

I enjoy helping people connect with the appropriate professional resources they require.   I enjoy being involved in helping people make the best decisions they can make, encouraging them to be courageous and wise in making their decisions.   I am passionate that they get the best choices in front of them while being gentle and comforting when they face the facts of their decisions, health results, and longevity.

I can see the big picture when I ask people to widen their point of view.

I care about established organizations that care for older citizens and those in those organizations.

I don’t beat you up, I lift you.