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Insight & Advocacy Professional Consultant

Consulting For Retirement

Individualized coaching, mentoring, and advice to those who are planning to retire, or are in retirement.

Helping them to address emotional, social, and financial issues that arise in retirement.

Consulting For Nonprofits

Unlock the potential of your non-profit organization. Will provide tailored strategies, innovative solutions, and invaluable guidance to maximize your impact.

Music In Oregon

I have a passion for music – I’m a classically trained pianist who plays concerts on the weekends. Blending numbers and notes, I strive to create harmony in both my work and my art.

Who am I

I am Eric D Brown

What defines me.
I care for people, especially those who find themselves facing life on their own.   Whether they are independent, the head of a household, need a sounding board, a divorced or widowed person, or always been proudly single.

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